Mobile Apps – Are They Important to Your Business?

Mobile applications progressively play a vital role, not just in our daily activities, but in today’s business as well. An increasing number of our customers and other businesses are relying on the convenience of access to real-time information and solutions using their mobile phones, tablets, or other connected devices. That is one of the reasons why the development of mobile apps is so important for businesses today.

mobile apps benefits

Here are some facts to consider:

  • People spend more time online compared to time spent on any other media
  • 89% of media time on mobile devices is spent using apps (with only 11% on websites)
  • There has been a significant increase on the time spent on mobile devices per day over the past 3 years, with this trend expected to continue
  • 26% of consumers begin their mobile research using a branded app
  • Apps offer a user experience that websites cannot provide
  • There are 7.2 billion connected gadgets worldwide, with this number multiplying 5 times faster than the human population

Consequently, mobile applications are becoming the major form of digital interaction and connectedness.

Regardless of what type of business you are in, a mobile application can help you acquire and retain customers. Many customers these days search the internet first for online services, products and reviews prior to making purchasing decisions. If your business has an online offering – or perhaps doesn’t yet have one – then having your own branded app that customers can download to their devices will assist them in purchasing from and interacting with you.

What are the benefits of mobile apps for business?  They can:

  • Build loyalty to your business
  • Strengthen your brand and brand awareness (as it’s staring them in the face every time they use their mobile device)
  • Increase your visibility, customer touch-points, accessibility and sell-through
  • Easily connect you with on-the-go consumers at times that suit them
  • Generate a database of prospects and clients
  • Build a direct marketing channel

There are other benefits of course; these are just some of the greatest.

A mobile app can help you engage with your customers in a totally different way.  Not only will your business benefit from a custom-made and branded mobile app, but your customers will appreciate the engagement, efficiency and convenience of doing business with you at a time that suits them.

Mobile apps allow your customers to:

  • Get directions to your location
  • Get notifications of special events, promos, launches, etc.
  • Receive real-time messages or offers as they pass by your business address – a website can’t do that!
  • Easily purchase from you
  • Have easy access to your contact information
  • Have easy access to your product listing / inventory
  • Seamlessly book appointments that can even integrate directly with your calendar and theirs so no one misses their appointment
  • See their purchase history and other relevant data
  • Use or purchase gift vouchers and coupons (and have them tracked by QR codes or similar technology)
  • Maintain real-time access to their personal data, such as loan repayment schedules, bank balances, portfolio performance etc.

If you have an idea about an app for your business and would like that personal touch in a digital world, then chat with The Mobile Apps Man today or leave a comment below.

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